Load Cells
Strain Gauge
Pressure Transmitter
Flow Switch
Torque Sensor
Lifting Industry Sensor
Digital Indicator
Junction Box
Ultrasonic Sensor
Magnetostrictive Level Sensor
Temperature Transmitter
Proximity Sensor
Rotary Transducer
※ Differential Transmitter
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QP-86C0~1KPa~100KPa Small in size, light in weight,easy to install high precision, good stability, long working life

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QP-86F0.374-37.4KPa, 68.9-6890 KPa medium is able to corrupt the sense organ of the transmitter suspension or High Viscosity mediu

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QP-86E0-10KPa,0-2500KPa,0-3.5 MPamV signal output scheme: DC100±20 mV Have the characteristics of high precision, good stability, lo

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QP-86D-37.4-37.4KPa, -690-609KPaMax load resistor Rmax in loop decided by the supply voltage, see the below drawing. HART AGREEMENY

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QP-8610-2500 KPa, 0-3.5 MPaVarious output scheme:0/4-20mA, 0/1-5V, or0/1-10V Have the characteristics of high precision
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